Elisha Cuthbert Height, Weight & Measurements | The Girl Next Door’s Secret to Fitness

Elisha Cuthbert is certainly one of the attractive females alive today. She has the looks and the curves to die for, no doubt about it. The 36-year-old Canadian actress began her profession as a kid model for different brands. In this article, we’ll be discussing Elisha Cuthbert height, weight and her secret to fitness!Elisha Cuthbert height


Date of birth: Nov 30, 1982 (Aged 36)
Complete name: Elisha Ann Cuthbert
Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Height: 5 2 ½” (159 cm)
Weight: 134.5lbs (61kg)


Elisha Cuthbert measurementsBust: 34 (86cm)
Abdomen: 25 (64cm)
Hips: 32 (81cm)
Bra size: 34C (US)/75C (EU)
Shoe size: 5.5 (US)/36 (EU)
Hair shading: Blonde
Eye shade: Blue




Elisha “Leesh” Cuthbert is one of the most observed Canadian ladies today. She has conveyed riveting exhibitions in both film and TV has watchers have been held entranced to their screens since 1996. She has additionally been perceived as one of the most excellent ladies around by different print news sources, for example, FHM, Maxim, Complex and GQ.

She was a children garments model because Elisha Cuthbert height was small and extremely uncommon foot model when she was seven and started acting when she was 11. She co-introduced Popular Mechanics for Kids in 1997, and this aroused the hype and earned an entry to the White House by Hilary Clinton. She entered the film industry in 1997 in the movie Dancing on the Moon. In 1998, she featured Airspeed and in 24 scenes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? In 1999.

Elisha Cuthbert height

Elisha Cuthbert on the cover of MAXIM

Elisha hit acting fame with her job as Kim Bauer in the prevalent covert operative/undercover work TV series, 24. She has additionally featured in Happy Endings in the range of 2011 and 2013 and Lucky Girl in 2001. Worked in Old School in 2003, The Girl Next Door in 2004 and The Quiet and House of Wax both in 2005. In 2013, she also graced the front page of Maxim.


In 2010, she increased a couple of pounds with some restraint all over her body. However, New York Post got some backfire when it put her on a “50 Fat celebs” list. Her picture was contrasted with when she featured in The Girl Next Door, fans recommended it just made her plump and not “fat”. She anyway cut back before she graced Maxim page in 2013. Elisha Cuthbert height is not so tall but she looks tall enough.

She doesn’t have a specific diet plan or exercise schedule. She says everything she does is eat with some restraint, and she is a devoted hiker and jogger. However, now it’s been revealed that she has been using an all-natural diet pill to keep fit and glorious.


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