How to Buy the Perfect Uniform for Your Employees

How to Buy the Perfect Uniform for Your Employees

When buying work clothes from reliable uniform suppliers in Sharjah, there are several factors to consider, including safety, comfort, and style. You can also compromise on style, but functional clothing is most important for employees. Listed below are some guidelines to help you choose the best work clothing. To get started, consider the budget and type of clothing you need. These factors will determine how much you spend and choose the perfect uniform for your workplace.

Choosing the right fabric:

When choosing the right fabric for your workplace, consider the durability and life span of the fabric. Choosing durable fabrics is essential for an active workplace, where users are constantly sitting, standing, or moving around. Fabrics that can endure more than 3,000 double rubs are considered heavy duty. This type of fabric is thicker and more durable than most fabrics. It should be able to withstand up to 30,000 double rubs, and the highest standard for commercial-grade fabric is 25,000 or more.

Consider how employees will wear it:

When selecting a uniform, consider how employees will wear it. A sportswear sales representative, for example, may have to bend over and reach for part of their duties. For this reason, choosing a uniform that is comfortable and breathable is key. Additionally, business shirts should be machine or dry-cleanable. The fabric must also match the rest of the company’s logo apparel. By matching colors and styles with your uniforms, you will be showing your employees that your company is open to change.

Choosing the right style:

When choosing the right uniform style, consider the purpose for which the garment is intended. What kind of activities will the employees be performing daily? Are they working with machinery that has loose parts? If so, choose uniforms that will protect you from such hazards. Additionally, remember that temperature will have a huge impact on the choice of clothing. Ask employees about their preferences so that you can eliminate those choices.

Budgeting for a uniform:

There are a few different ways to go when budgeting for a new uniform program. You can purchase a full range or allocate a fixed amount to a specific department. If you’re planning a rebranding campaign, you can opt for the full bang approach, which will most likely be funded from your budget. Another option is to gradually phase in the new uniforms, which will reduce the brand impact and make internal communication clear.

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