Why Are Thalgo Products So Popular?

Why Are Thalgo Products So Popular?

What are the features of Thalgo products? Based on the thalassotherapy spa treatment, Thalgo products are composed of marine extracts. These extracts replenish the skin’s natural hydration while reducing the environmental impact of the source marine. What are the benefits of Thalgo products? Here are some examples.

Improve your overall health:

Aside from delivering extraordinary results to your skin, marine extracts are a great way to improve your overall health. This type of extract contains minerals more than ten times greater than those found in terrestrial plants. Thalgo uses marine-based active ingredients in its skincare products. This ensures the safety and quality of each extract. Moreover, the products are environmentally friendly and harvested in protected and wild areas.

They are based on thalassotherapy spa treatments:

The philosophy behind Thalgo’s skincare products is derived from the ancient practice of thalassotherapy spa treatments. It uses marine extracts and algae to create skincare products based on the ocean’s power. Thalgo has extensive experience in thalassotherapy and developed its marine cosmetics line in the early 1960s.

It is an excellent option for restoring moisture:

Thalgo’s Source Marine line is an excellent option for restoring moisture to sensitive skin. It contains the patented Seve Blue des Oceans and Micronized Marine Algae. The water-based cleanser is gentle and effective while removing makeup and impurities. The hydrating cream is a gentle toner that helps lighten dark spots and fade dehydration lines.

They revitalize the body and mind:

Marine extracts from the sea contain active ingredients ten times more concentrated than those found in terrestrial plants. Marine molecules have an affinity with the skin, which helps them absorb well into the skin. Additionally, seaside air contains 1,600 times more negative ions than the city, promoting a relaxed and refreshed feeling. Because the sea has always been a vital source of life energy for humans, the regenerative power of seawater can be experienced every day by using Thalgo products.

They are eco-friendly:

One of the great benefits of these products is they are eco-friendly. They also use water-conserving ink, recycle paper and cartons, and even install photovoltaic solar panels. Moreover, all of their products are free of silicon and controversial ingredients. And, to make things even better, they are made of recycled materials.

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