Facilities That Every Nursery School Should Provide

Facilities That Every Nursery School Should Provide

There are several essential facilities that every British nursery in Dubai should offer its students. In addition to quality learning materials, a good nursery school should have experienced and well-educated staff. These professionals should inspire your child’s imagination and stimulate their creativity. The staff should also be licensed, and you should always ask to see teacher biographies and current training records. Here are a few of the facilities that every nursery school should provide.

Classroom space

There should be ample play areas for the children to move around freely. The facility should be a safe place for them to play. Furniture should be rounded and have child-safe closures. There should also be low walls and several types of contained play areas for children. This will help keep them from tripping and falling. As a general rule, a nursery school should provide all these facilities.


There should be sufficient space for activities and adult seating. There should be enough space for children to move around safely. The classrooms should have access to outdoor play areas. A library is a must for any preschool. Young children are likely to enjoy reading books, so the nursery school must have a well-designed space. In addition to books, a library should be kid-friendly.

Outdoor play areas

While indoor play areas are important for healthy development, they are necessary during the early years of child development. Children tend to pay more attention to the screen than the rest of the world. A large outdoor area is always on a child’s list of must-haves. Providing an outdoor area will also ensure the safety and happiness of your child. The children need to be able to run around freely without being distracted.

Comfortable furniture in the classrooms

There should be comfortable chairs for the teachers. The furniture should be easy to clean. It should be child-safe with rounded corners and child-safe closures. The furniture should be adjustable and designed to accommodate children’s different needs. An outdoor play area is also a must-have for a nursery school. A large outdoor play area will keep the children entertained while waiting for their parents to get home from work.

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