Types of Recruitment Companies You Should Know About

Types of Recruitment Companies You Should Know About

There are several different types of foreign recruitment agencies. They are known as contingency recruitment, retained search, temporary IT recruitment, and general recruiting agencies. Here are some of the differences between these three types. When considering your recruitment needs, think which type best meets your needs. Then, choose the appropriate company based on your unique needs. We hope you find this helpful information! And remember, the types of recruitment companies don’t always work in the same way.

Contingency recruitment:

There are many types of recruitment companies in the world of recruiting – retained and contingency. While retained recruitment companies have legal obligations, contingent recruiters do not. These firms can present candidates to multiple organizations without the candidate’s knowledge. This type of recruitment agency uses various methods, including online databases, advertising, and networking, to source candidates for clients. The client manages the hiring process and evaluates the candidates after reviewing them.

Retained search:

There are two primary models of recruitment – contingent search and retained search. In contingent search, the hiring manager is responsible for selecting the candidate from among many candidates, but the company only pays the recruitment firm once it successfully places a candidate. In retained search, the client pays the recruitment firm only after the candidate is placed. Retained search is an excellent choice for those hiring in a niche position that requires unique skill sets. As the name suggests, this recruitment model prioritizes quality and success rate.

The pricing structure of retained recruitment companies differs from that of contingency agencies. Because headhunting involves such high-end search and selection, recruiters have to charge a fee for their service. Sometimes, the fee is paid in full upfront. Sometimes, there’s a second installment when a shortlist of candidates is received. Depending on the search type, the remaining fee is paid once the candidate is hired.

Temporary IT recruitment:

Many temporary IT recruitment companies are in the business of putting people to work. Many of these companies work with top tech talent and can put many qualified people into great jobs. The best ones will have a large database of qualified candidates and offer a range of benefits. They offer competitive rates, a day-long “free audition” for potential placements, healthcare benefits, and direct deposit. Some of them have won awards in their respective regions.

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